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All our reviews and references have been positive. Below are a few examples of the lovely letters we’ve received over the years:

Sam and Greig

“Our daughter, now four & a half, has spent the last 18 months being cared for by Rosemary and we highly recommend her as a childminder.
We believe the care & dedication she gave to our daughter really did help give her an excellent base for the future – especially as she worked alongside the preschool with all with aspects of our daughter’s learning and development.

The communication from Rosemary was superb, with daily activities and progress made all recorded in a book for us to see at the end of each session, as well as all the drawings, arts & crafts. The home cooked meals really encouraged our daughter to eat new things, as well as learning about healthy eating, different foods and table manners.
But above all we felt that our daughter was completely safe and well looked after – so we not only felt confident in leaving her in Rosemary’s care but also knew that she enjoyed being there with Rosemary and the other children.”

Emma and Andrew

“Our daughter, has been looked after by Rosemary since August 2013. We feel very fortunate that we chose Rosemary to look after our daughter and couldn’t recommend her childcare more highly.

The variety of activities (painting, toys, puzzles, books, games, playing outside, etc) is great and they reflect the time of year or a theme each week. They also do outings on foot to the local café for singing or to the library.

There is a good variety of food at lunch and healthy snacks too.

Rosemary has written a number of detailed ‘formal’ reports on our daughter’s progress against milestones for her age and these have been informative and enlightening, these would also highlight any concern with her development and could be taken to Health Visitor for follow up if there were any issues.

Our daughter has always been happy to go to Rosemary’s and she enjoys her time there very much. Rosemary’s experience is reflected in her calm approach; she is very capable and we highly recommend her. She is organised and reliable. She lets us know with plenty of notice of her holidays and reminds us closer to the time.

We will be sad when our daughter moves on as she is very happy at Hughes Childcare and we know she is looked after incredibly well.”

Jae and David

“We have been extremely happy with the care our daughter has received, and the great progress she has made whilst in Rosemary’s care. Rosemary’s home is always welcoming, clean and well organised and our daughter has great fun playing with all the toys available. She provides a wide range of fun activities including plenty of outdoor exercise, going to the local library, pet shop. Drawing, singing, reading stories, playing with puzzles, little animal farm, counting numbers, etc.

Beyond all this though, whilst Hannah is delayed in her speech and doesn’t speak very much at her pre-school yet when she with Rosemary, she is very chatty just like at home.

Hughes Childcare provides a healthy diet such as Spaghetti bolognese, cottage pie, fishcakes, etc and plenty of fruit and veg.

We would absolutely recommend Hughes Childcare.”